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LUXEMBOURG: August 21, 2018. Cargolux has delivered several horses to Jakarta where they will participate in the equestrian section of the Asian Games that opened on August 18 and ends on September 02.

Cargolux horse charter to JakartaBased on the Olympic Games format, the competition is held every four years in an Asian or Middle Eastern city and gathers the best athletes from across the region. The equestrian event was added to the Games held in Delhi in 1982 and includes six disciplines including dressage that began on August 20.

The part-charter operation, which was operated in conjunction with JIT-EX, used Cargolux HMC horse stalls that provide increased stability as their double-layer pallet base reduces the motion feeling for the horses, greatly reducing the level of stress on the animals.

This ad hoc shipment was routed directly from Luxembourg to Jakarta which is not part of the airline's regular scheduled network.

As a member of the Animal Transport Association (ATA), Cargolux says its dedicated team of experts regards each animal as a special responsibility that has to be treated with utmost care.  The airline is also a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and IATA LAPB (IATA Live Animal and Perishable Board).

The airline transports about 3,000 horses a year. With up to three horses per horse stall, the airline can accommodate 84 horses on a  B747-400 freighter and up to 90 on the B747-8F.

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