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GSLASEOUL: November 07, 2018. LogisticsX is to partner with bitcoin technology developer Temco to launch the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Alliance (GSLA) to build a stronger network of supply chain and logistics blockchain projects.

The GSLA will partner with other supply chain and logistics blockchain projects and industry experts to resolve differences in regulations, culture, language, and business ecosystem.

Localization is one of the key problems when companies expand overseas. Currently, there aren’t any initiatives to solve such problem even though the benefit of blockchain project is decentralized. No single blockchain project can navigate every details of the business ecosystem in every country, say the two companies.

Through expertise gained from operating in each country’s ecosystem, GSLA partners will seek out a joint solution. Each project is a valuable advisor and expert of its country, industry, and ecosystem. By working together, GSLA can truly develop a decentralized solution to the existing supply chain and logistics problems.

Scott Jaeseob Yoon, Temco CEO said: “The alliance is a much-needed step towards solving the global supply chain and logistics problem through blockchain. By creating a space to share thoughts and ideas, we can tackle problems together instead of each project reinventing the wheel. We are very excited for this partnership and the future of GSLA.”

Erik Cheong, COO of LogisticsX added: “Each project has strong business partnerships that are looking to expand overseas. We can help each other to understand and navigate the intricacies of regulations and business environment in each country. There will be a lot of synergies from working together.”

Temco is developing a supply chain platform on RSK Bitcoin blockchain. LogisticsX is a decentralized platform aims to transform the last mile delivery ecosystem using global logistics standards and smart contracts to increase traceability, transparency, and reducing friction between all logistics stakeholders and consumers.

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