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TROISDORF/SALZBURG: December 04, 2018. Commercial vehicle delivery company Vegatrans and rail logistics specialist TX Logistik (TXL) are using a ‘roadrailLink’ (r2L) adapter to deliver Iveco vans from Italy to Germany.

VegatransThe system, which transforms a standard pocket wagon into a car transport wagon, is being used between Sommacampagna- Sona near Verona and the German North Rhine-Westphalia town of Rheine.

Twice a week Iveco vehicles are sent north to Rheine while Scania and Iveco trucks and semi-trailers destined for Italy use the same equipment on the return leg to Verona.

The r2L system is built with mobile and adjustable ramps to transport 96 vans, 64 trucks or 32 semitrailers – or a variety of each.

TX Logistics is providing complete terminal-to-terminal service for Vegatrans, including fleet management and 24/7 monitoring.

"With roadrailLink, we can transport 32 light commercial vehicles more per train than with conventional flat wagons," explained Franz Blum, Vegatrans managing director. "For the first time, this enables us to combine inbound and outbound traffic in rail vehicle logistics to make it even more efficient." A total of 64 r2L load carriers are being used on this and a second line between Wörth am Rhein and Fernetti, near Trieste.

With 32 more units under construction Blum added: "We are planning the next transports between Italy and Poland as well as between Austria and Benelux."

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