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Dunkerque customs clearanceDUNKERQUE: December 17, 2018. Dunkerque-Port is now authorised to conduct customs clearance on a 24/7 basis.

The change followed authorisation from the Regional Directorate of the Customs Authorities in Dunkerque has.

The freight forwarding company DSV, at the origin of the request, has been the test operator of the system since November 15, 2018.

Until now, it was possible to validate declarations outside the opening hours of the customs services, but required the effective presence of the operator. DSV is the first operator to implement 24/7 automation for the validation of customs declarations.

For Stéphane Raison, President of the Executive Board: "24/7 customs clearance will accelerate the port throughput of containerized goods on Dunkerque-Port. In concrete terms, releases of containers can be scheduled for ships operating at night or on weekends, thus solving urgent cases for customers".

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