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Lemon QueenPARIS: October 02, 2019. Former chief communications and marketing officer for GSSA ECS Audrey Serdjebi has set up a new PR company specialising in the airfreight sector, Lemon Queen.

“Our challenge is to change the face of communication. Our goal is to offer a high-quality service while taking a different approach to improving the reputation of industry stakeholders,” said Serdjebi, who brings more than eight years' experience to the role.

Serdjebi says Lemon Queen is THE new communications agency that specializes in air freight, and also offers real added value by organizing challenges.

“I really love the idea of offering a new partner in this industry. The passion that drives everyone within the industry year after year is so motivating. It’s a constant hive of activity and a real source of creativity,” said the Lemon Queen founder and CEO.

“I love this industry and communication is my passion”
Lemon Queen’s aim is to change the face of communication and to offer high-quality services to airlines, companies and air freight stakeholders – giving all stakeholders the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Our ability to highlight the unique characteristics of each client is one of our strengths, and this is why our agency loves producing films, creating sites, managing press relations and innovating through creative productions and trade shows! “Every client is unique and we all want to move forwards and grow. Lemon Queen is the ideal partner to help you do this,” said Serdjebi.

The key added value that Lemon Queen brings is organizing challenges such as NexGenLeaders. Organizing these challenges is the perfect way for a company to stand out but also to get its employees on board and showcase its values. From building the web platform and sourcing participants to managing the event itself, whether it’s a hackathon or an online challenge, Lemon Queen has all the resources it needs to put in place and showcase its clients’ current focus. A new way of communicating and of projecting your voice beyond the industry’s borders.

Lemon Queen is a new communications agency that specializes in air freight. To support her in this new adventure, Serdjebi has assembled a strong team: “I work with some unbelievable talents (directors, artistic directors, graphic designers, copywriters, events experts, community managers, booth designers and more) to bring a unique and personalized response to each project. For each and every project, we get the right talented people on board to bring about total success,” said the Lemon Queen founder and CEO.

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