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Geodis truckGEODIS has shipped 23 million units in the US, to set a new shipping volume record between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

The record-breaking increase is driven largely by the continued and growing trend of online holiday shopping. GEODIS is among the industry leaders in fulfilment and distribution in the e-commerce sector.

"The holiday season is the most critical time for our customers whose businesses hinge on GEODIS getting their products to consumers on-time for every single order,” says Randy Tucker, President and CEO, GEODIS Americas. “As volume increases, we are constantly seeking ways to strengthen our productivity. We do this through innovation in our warehouses, while also providing our talented workforce with the most robust environment and technologies so that we can be as successful as possible.”

Along with technology and automation, the GEODIS workforce will grow by more than 7,000 during the 2019 holiday season to accommodate the increased volume.

"The holiday season is when GEODIS teammates really shine,” says Mike Honious, Chief Operating Officer, GEODIS Americas. “Our teammates take great pride in doing their part to help Santa spread joy across the world. We are grateful for our teammates, and we’re thrilled to help our clients close out 2019 on such a strong performance.”

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