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FedEx ReturnsGen Z’s are taking things into their own hands this holiday season, with 21 percent admitting to typically returning some of their holiday gifts – nearly double the amount of Boomers who report returning gifts (11 percent), according to FedEx.

The survey, which explored the ‘returns economy’ and Canadian consumer habits for returning and regifting after the holidays, also uncovered which family members’ gifts were most likely to get returned. Overall, one in six Canadians surveyed report returning holiday gifts in a typical year. Of those that return gifts, 36 per cent report that they are most likely to return gifts from their mothers. That number is even higher amongst men, with 46 per cent reporting that they are most likely to return gifts from their mothers (compared to 30 per cent of women).

Sixty per cent of Canadians surveyed feel that online shopping is the fastest and most efficient way to shop for gifts. However, the gift giving experience does not always end once the wrapping comes off. That is why FedEx offers Canadian e-tailers easy and efficient return solutions, such as pre-printed return labels and convenient retail locations, so the experience of giving and (if needed), exchanging gifts is done seamlessly.

“E-commerce and the increased flexibility it offers Canadian consumers continues to impact Canadian holiday shopping behaviours from gift purchase through to returns, as Canadians are now more than ever able to return gifts as easily as they can purchase them,” said Lisa Lisson, FedEx Express Canada President.

Beyond returns, Canadians are also turning to regifting as a solution to getting rid of unwanted gifts with a quarter (24 per cent) of Canadians admitting to regifting holiday gifts in a typical year.

“Gen Zs are undeniably driving gift-return behaviours in Canada. In fact, our survey found that 52 per cent of Gen Zs have returned gifts for cash back or store credit. This generation will continue to contribute to a greater proportion of buyer control. For Canadian businesses, incorporating an effective returns solution is critical to ensuring positive customer experiences,” said Lisson.

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