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RDam green dealPort of Rotterdam has pledged its commitment to improving the environmental impact of its operations with Ronald Paul, the port's chief operating officer, signing the Sustainable Earthworks and Civil Engineering Green Deal.

In doing so, the operator of Europe’s largest port is joining a group of over a hundred parties that use sustainability criteria in all phases of earthworks and civil engineering, from planning and design to the tender process, implementation and maintenance. This ensures that more sustainable infrastructure alternatives are already considered during the design phases. In addition, potential suppliers for the supply of low-emission equipment, or material with a low environmental impact, such as recycled raw materials, are already identified during the tender process.

Ronald Paul: ‘Joining the Sustainable Earthworks and Civil Engineering Green Deal is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s strategy to accelerate sustainability in the port, an approach we have used recently in implementing large infrastructure projects. An example of this is the maintenance contract for dredging work. An LNG-powered Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger is now operating in the Port of Rotterdam, for instance. We have also challenged contractors to reduce their environmental impact during maintenance work. The Sustainable Earthworks and Civil Engineering Green Deal instruments have already been used in several projects. We’ll continue to do this to underline how important we consider sustainable construction to be for the future of Europe’s largest port.’

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