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MASS RotterdamThe MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships) Port Network has been established in Singapore. The collaboration comprises port authorities from China, Korea, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Singapore and Rotterdam that will work towards achieving standards that enable communication between autonomous ships and shore.

This concerns detailed guidelines and conditions for tests in ports; defining international terminology; standards for ship reporting, traffic control, data exchange and facilitation of MASS tests between ports.

On behalf of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, harbour master René de Vries undersigned: ‘The port will revolve for many years around conventional shipping, but smart vessels and even autonomous vessels will be part of the shipping with destination Rotterdam. We want to be ready.

Smart vessels need smart ports. And a smart port in the context of shipping means both smart VTS and smart pilot services. That is why we started researching and developing not only our traffic control, sensors, but also the application of artificial intelligence in risk prediction. We are also researching the effects of MASS on our port, VTS, people and skills. Collaboration is the key element in this. Both at home and abroad.’

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