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KivnonAGV copyKivnon, which specializes in the automation of industrial processes using self-guided vehicles (AGVs/AMRs), expands its presence in the American market through a contract agreement with Navistar to provide a complete mobile robotics solution and bring automation to their new assembly plant.

As part of its growth strategy, the U.S. truck and bus manufacturer Navistar will build a new 900,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the San Antonio area that will have the capacity to produce Class 6-8 vehicles. Kivnon will work together with Navistar and support them to adapt their new assembly lines to Industry 4.0.

This agreement will enable Navistar to get a more flexible and efficient production line system and thus boost its competitiveness in the market.

Kivnon offers a wide range of sophisticated autonomous vehicles that are highly intuitive and have been designed to fit customers` needs in all types of industrial environments and markets.

The Kivnon team is very proud to have been selected for such an important project and is highly appreciative of the trust Navistar has placed in their company.

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