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Luka KP CSR PortThe company Luka Koper manages a port surrounded by two inhabited settlements - the old town of Koper on one side and Ankaran on the other, with Škocjanski zatok in the hinterland (included in protected areas under Natura 2000 Programme) and the delicate marine ecosystem to the sea.

Due to this position, we have been taking care of improving the quality of life and reducing the impact on the environment for many years, while taking care of the company's business success and the satisfaction of our employees.

We have combined all activities in these areas into a single document, the Strategy of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, and set measurable goals, which will be pursued in the future.

Business success
In determining the key directions of sustainable development, we proceed from our mission and values ​​and the competitiveness of the services we provide to our customers. Only satisfied customers are a guarantee for successful business and development, which will lead to further strengthening of the market position between ports.

Employees as our capital
Employees are the central capital of the Port of Koper. Qualified and motivated staff are a condition for business success and the implementation of our development plans. With their knowledge, energy and work drive, they co-create the future of the company.

Green habitat
As a green port, we set ourselves ambitious goals that go beyond the prescribed legislation in several areas, and we introduce examples of good practice that are recognizable in the international environment as our competitive advantage. We deal with the field of environmental management comprehensively. Monitoring and managing environmental impacts is part of our regular work activities. Perceived impacts are monitored, measured and reduced accordingly at source.

Investment in good neighborly relations
The company is aware of the impacts of port activity on the local environment. Therefore, we understand social responsibility as an investment in good neighborly relations, which are the foundation for the further development of society and the port as an infrastructure.

As a green port, we strive to balance economic demand with environmental responsibility and social engagement. We therefore understand social responsibility broadly, where possible even more broadly than required by law. Our goal is to achieve economic performance, high satisfaction of customers, employees, the social environment and other stakeholders, and to maintain a natural balance within our port story.

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