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ASM Plant Parts Agency Sector Management’s (ASM) Sequoia Customs platform has been selected to provide full compliance for a new in-house Customs warehouse operated by Plant Parts, a family-owned independent construction machinery parts stockist.

Since new UK trade rules started in 2021, Plant Parts developed an in-house Customs warehouse to continue its operations and Sequoia has provided the flexibility, compliance, and range of services for the task.

“By bringing these systems in-house with Sequoia, we now have a rapid, cost-effective, and easy to use platform to ensure our compliance and quality customer services,” said Richard Finch, Director, Plant Parts.

“The new rules have caused disruption, so we have actively sought out a solution that can fit our exact needs which was found in Sequoia, and the ASM team have provided education and support throughout the whole process.”

Sequoia integrates into existing back-office systems and can be customised to make sure businesses are not paying for non-required additional features.

“The Sequoia solution can be customised to fit the needs of any sized business needing UK Customs compliance in the post-Brexit world,” said Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, ASM.

“For businesses that are importing and exporting single items, the additional costs created by the new Customs declaration can be very high, and the time-consuming paperwork takes up valuable resources.

“Sequoia provides a clear, cost-effective, tailored approach that is connected to customs and all port community systems to process import, export, and transit shipments efficiently and accurately.”

ASM is an independent not-for-profit company, and its one-stop-shop Sequoia Customs Clearance software is used across the international freight supply chain to improve efficiency and compliance.

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