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August 15, 2014: As one of the most prominent cargo airline for network growth, Turkish Cargo serves to 32 destinations throughout Far East.

The company continues its expansion plans for Far East with the launch of weekly A330 freighter services from Hyderabad on 28th August 2014, which marks to Turkish Airlines' first presence in the concerning destination and also to the 17th dedicated freighter service in the region.

Turkish Cargo provides the most efficient connections to the leading production and commercial centers in all over the World. It has a network that consists of more than 260 destinations in 107 countries including 49 freighter destinations, currently served by its 9 freighters and 254 passenger airplanes.

While opening its customer's business to the World, Turkish Cargo always meets their needs with its devotedness to providing high-quality services in every step of the shipping process.

Turkish Airlines, which has operated its first international air cargo shipment in 1936, is a 4-star airline company operating flights to more than 260 destinations around the world by its fleet comprising of 263 aircraft (airliners and freighters) at the present.

The Company, which has been maintaining its cargo services and operations under the sub-brand Turkish Cargo since the beginning of the 2000s, stands as the internationally fastest-growing brand offering air cargo service to the highest number of countries around the world.

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