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Remain Nordfrost NORDFROST GmbH & Co. KG and REMAIN GmbH Container-Depot and Repair, a company of the EUROGATE Group, are now working together in partnership at the German container seaports.

The objective of this cooperation is to unite the depot service expertise of both companies for standard containers and reefers as well as for special equipment used in project logistics. This collaboration will initially focus predominantly on the container port of Wilhelmshaven. In the future, these two established service providers will jointly offer the complete range of services for empty and full containers that already exists in Wilhelmshaven to the port's customers.

Over the past decade, the 33-hectare NORDFROST Seaport Terminal at the container port of Wilhelmshaven has witnessed the development of a complete range of services for all types of goods. This also includes depot services, a heavy goods hall for project logistics and a rail link. As part of the ongoing successful development of the German deep-water container port, the logistics specialist is currently expanding its container depot operations for heavy loads, including service facilities for repairing, washing and checking containers.

REMAIN, the leading depot operator at the German seaports, plans to extend its services to the location in Wilhelmshaven within the scope of this cooperation. Further, this collaboration will see REMAIN lease a four-hectare plot of land in the goods transport centre (GVZ) of the container port of Wilhelmshaven with a link to the NORDFROST Seaport Terminal. When combined with NORDFROST's existing depot area, which is also four hectares in size, the two companies will have roughly 80,000 m² of container depot space at their disposal in the future.

Kai Warnken, Managing Director of REMAIN GmbH Container-Depot and Repair, said when signing the cooperation agreement: "I am delighted to see the launch of this cooperation, as it makes for a very positive outlook for the port of Wilhelmshaven. Germany's only deep-water port is set to play a much greater part in global container traffic in the future. At REMAIN, we want to help drive this development forward and, together with NORDFROST, offer our customers the corresponding services, already today."

Britta Bartels, Managing Director of NORDFROST, explained: "We have always believed in the container port of Wilhelmshaven and have developed our Seaport Terminal accordingly to meet all the needs of local shippers. The route to success that is now anticipated is irreversible and cargo handling via the port is set to grow rapidly from next year. We are also promoting this by massively increasing our depot activities in Wilhelmshaven together with REMAIN and ensuring the high availability of container equipment at the location!"

Andreas Bullwinkel, Managing Director of Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven JadeWeserPort-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, said: "We look forward to finalising yet another lease agreement for the GVZ in the near future. Cooperation between REMAIN and NORDFROST is another key step towards expanding the portfolio in the GVZ for the port and its customers and creating additional jobs."

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