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Maersk advanced warehouseMaersk continues to implement technology solutions that improve warehouse fulfillment operations and speed to customer.

A new technology is achieving warehouse productivity gains from more picks per hour, enabling more ecommerce orders shipped on deadline. Equally important, warehouse throughput is being increased without changing the facility size to accommodate the new technology.

Using a cloud-based software technology developed in Silicon Valley, which combined with industrial scanning technology, enables a fleet of U.S.-made mobile units to work alongside people in the warehouse, providing instant scanning of items and less walking for workers. The mobile units know how to optimize every aisle in a warehouse for order picking based on real-time inventory data pulled from warehouse management systems that process new orders, show fulfilled orders and trigger replenishment orders. Each mobile unit has a scanner, touchscreen and shelves for placement of picked items by workers.

"Quicker and more accurate order fulfillment enables us to meet the faster needs of consumer mobile orders and store orders." Steve Belardi, Vice President of Operations at Performance Team.

Steve also added, "We are designing our operations technology to keep pace and consistency with daily workflows. The ability to have high performance fulfillment for both B2B and B2C channels from the same warehouse gives an important edge to supply chain flexibility."

The mobile units use 3D cameras and multiple sensors that have proven 100% safe over a seven-month trial period. Battery life is eight hours - the mobile units know when to return to the charging station.

"Warehouse operations and distribution strategies get more sophisticated every year. Our goal is to continue to rollout the most successful, new, innovative technologies that enable digital sales growth for customers." Erez Agmoni, Maersk’s Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Growth.

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