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Yusen Logistics Lufthansa Cargo Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Kamiyama) has signed a contract with Lufthansa Cargo AG (CEO: Dorothea von Boxberg) for the "Sustainable Choice" service for the use of SAF⁽*¹⁾ which will be in effect from April in 2023.

"Sustainable Choice" is a service launched in 2021 in which Lufthansa Cargo AG aims to reduce CO2 emissions and promote the use of SAF together with worldwide customers. By using SAF, it is possible to reduce CO2 emitted from aircrafts and contribute to global decarbonization. We will participate in this service and, as a global supply chain logistics company, will meet the needs of environmentally friendly transportation while reducing CO2 emissions in international transportation.

We aim to achieve net-zero GHG emissions ⁽*²⁾ for all services by 2050 as the Group's environmental target and the use of SAF is key milestone for our further development green solutions to achieve net-zero GHG emissions. As a partner generating sustainable growth with our customers, we will provide optimal supply chain logistics services and promote initiatives with a sustainable long-term perspective.

⁽*¹⁾ Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced from sustainable resources such as waste oil and plants. Using SAF results in a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

⁽*²⁾ The targets of our net-zero emissions are logistics materials, other waste, and GHG emissions.

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