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Bechtel Five Point Bechtel Energy Inc. (“Bechtel”) and Five Point Energy LLC (“Five Point”) announced an agreement that enables Five Point to utilize Bechtel’s proprietary Low Energy Ejector Desalination System (“LEEDS”) technology to provide produced water desalination services to customers across the Permian Basin.

The agreement establishes an exclusive relationship between Bechtel and Five Point for the marketing, development, and sale of plants utilizing the LEEDS technology for produced water in the Permian Basin.
Deep Blue Holdings, LLC (“Deep Blue”), a portfolio company of Five Point, will operate Bechtel’s pilot unit at a saltwater disposal well near Midland, Texas, to support the development of and demonstrate the technology’s reliability.

“Bechtel places a core focus on protecting people and the environment, and we’re proud to help our customers find new and innovative ways to meet their sustainability goals,” said Paul Marsden, president of Bechtel Energy. “LEEDS is part of Bechtel's strategic approach to creating a cleaner world by tackling water scarcity at the source.”

David Capobianco, CEO of Five Point Energy, said, “We are excited to partner with Bechtel on this compelling and innovative solution to desalinate produced water across the Permian Basin. Five Point, and our dedicated platforms, have always been pioneers in addressing the produced water needs of blue-chip clients and reducing reliance on freshwater sources for drilling and completion activities. Today’s announcement is yet another milestone in our journey to treat and preserve water in an environmentally efficient and economical manner.”

“Deep Blue has worked for years to advance the preservation of freshwater resources in energy development,” said Scott Mitchell, CEO of Deep Blue. “The LEEDS pilot test marks a crucial next step to further that effort.”

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