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DP World Serbia DP World has inaugurated a new vertical quay at the port of Novi Sad in Serbia, which will solidify the terminal’s position as one of the most important ports on the vital Danube trade route which flows from Germany through to the Black Sea.

The 184 m. vertical quay will offer a TEU capacity boost of half million tons making it one of the largest infrastructure improvement projects at the port to date. The quay will make it easier, faster, and safer to load all types of goods, equipping the Port of Novi Sad to be a leading trade hub on the Danube.

This latest improvement project at the port is a part of a €30 million investment by DP World in the region, with a goal of making the Port of Novi Sad one of the best functioning ports in Serbia and the Danube River. It comprises of expansion projects across the port, including the new quay, acquisition of new equipment, a grain silo with a capacity of 20,000 m3 and construction of a new passenger terminal, which has welcomed more than 15,000 tourists visiting Serbia.

DP World aims to make the Port of Novi Sad the first green port on the Danube River by utilising green energy derived from renewable sources to reduce it’s CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the end-to-end trade company is focused on development of new technologies and digitisation to enhance operational efficiency, prioritise safety of employees, streamline trade flow and visibility while reducing overall expenses for their customers.

Claudiu Negreanu, General Manager of DP World Novi Sad, said: "Safe, fast, and secure transportation along the Danube to our Port of Constanța in Romania on the Black Sea, places us at the forefront of the transportation and logistics business in Serbia – and this new investment project will further solidify our position as the premier port on the Danube.

“We use our multimodal terminal to ensure that food from the fields of Vojvodina reaches every corner of the planet: from a local farmer's field to the global market. Port of Novi Sad is the gateway to the world market for all grain producers,” he added.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, connecting Germany to the Black Sea and is one of the most important trade routes in the region.

The event was attended by Goran Vesić, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the Government of Serbia, Milan Đurić, Mayor of Novi Sad, Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates HE Ibrahim Aldarmaki.

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic said: "One of the Ministry's priorities is investing in rivers, primarily the Danube and Sava, but also the Tisza, since the rivers have been neglected for a long time. We build docks, because rivers are important to us. For Novi Sad, which lies on the Danube, the development of river traffic is particularly important. This investment in Luka is important. We are grateful to the company DP World Novi Sad for the investment, they will have our support if they want to continue investing, that together, the Republic, the Province and the City of Novi Sad make every place in Serbia a better place to live. DP World has an obligation to invest 30 million euros in port infrastructure, so far the company has already invested 15 million, because they recognized that the Serbia has a vision to develop Novi Sad, a city that will be connected to other parts of the country with three highways. What is happening is just an additional stone in the mosaic that turns Novi Sad into a real 'hub' when it comes to the traffic of goods and passengers," said Minister Vesić.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, said: "I am very proud that today we are witnessing the realization of their plans and attending the ceremonial commissioning, bearing in mind that this project has made it possible for ships to dock directly at the level of the quay. This is a big capital investment in our city, in our country, which will greatly improve our economic capacities and enable easier transportation of goods from Novi Sad to all destinations. This corridor has become important for the economy and tourism, which is contributed by the good position of Novi Sad and this strong agricultural region", said Đurić.

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