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October 01, 2014: BluWrap, the company that naturally extends the shelf life of fresh food, today announced a new route for shipping fresh seafood across the globe by sea, rather than by air – San Vincente, Chile to Balboa, Panama. Using BluWrap's patented, all natural, controlled atmosphere technology, fresh salmon has been shipped by sea to Panama. This new route gives Central American buyers the option to receive fresh fish by ocean freight, rather than by air, offering an alternative to high-priced sources and shipping methods.

BluWrap is working with Salmones Humboldt and M&R Distributors to further develop the Chile-Panama route.

M&R Distributors, President, Michael Kupstin, said, "The quality of the salmon using BluWrap exceeded the quality of Chilean salmon we've been shipping via airfreight and frozen product. We were thrilled to find that the product we received using BluWrap's technology is as fresh as any product we have received from Chile using airfreight, and at a significant cost savings. It is a home run for us."

The shipments use the same fuel-cell based oxygen management system currently being used on regular shipments from Chile to Asia, Europe, and the U.S. BluWrap's innovative technology completely removes oxygen from the shipment so the fish will arrive in the destination market with the same fresh quality as the day it came from the sea, despite being in transit for up to two to four weeks. This approach enables suppliers in Chile to reach fresh markets across the globe in regions that have traditionally been difficult to reach without using limited and expensive air freight.

About BluWrap
Based in San Francisco, California with operations in Talcahuano, Chile, BluWrap provides naturally extended shelf-life technology that has revolutionized the fresh protein supply chains worldwide. The company's technology system uses its patented oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural controlled atmosphere environment that extends the shelf life of perishable proteins. This breakthrough technology allows suppliers of fresh protein products to ship by ocean rather than more expensive airfreight and still deliver a fresh, high quality product to customers. For more information, visit www.bluwrap.com.

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