October 20, 2014: Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (PACTL) has achieved year-on-year tonnage growth of 20.31 percent, reaching a total of 134,322 tonnes of freight in September. Overall, the cargo terminal saw tonnage rise by 16.55 percent to 1,078,811 tonnes in the first three quarters of 2014. PACTL has thus achieved the best monthly result in the company's history as well as the strongest result for the first nine months of any year.

PACTL's domestic cargo volume grew by 2.96 percent year-on-year to 68,967 tonnes in the first nine months of 2014. International cargo volumes rose by 17.61 percent to 1,009,844 tonnes. Imports increased by 16.85 percent to 431,126 tonnes, while exports grew by 16.35 percent to 647,685 tonnes in comparison with the previous year.

"With a monthly growth rate of up to 27 percent throughout the third quarter, international imports are increasing considerably at the moment. This is mainly due to a growth in cargo volumes of several American airlines on the one hand and the expansion of Air China Cargo at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on the other hand. Domestic business is not increasing as strongly anymore. However, I still see a positive trend for the next months," says Lutz Grzegorz, Vice President of PACTL.

"Moreover, we were also able to continuously expand our client base, which enabled us to increase our market share further", he continues. 47.5 percent of the air cargo handled at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the first eight months of 2014 was processed by PACTL, signifying a 2.6 percent increase in the market share of the cargo terminal compared with the previous year.