November 21, 2014: SATS today announced that SATS Coolport has been certified by IATA as the world's first Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Handling (CEIV Pharma).

With this certification, SATS Coolport will be able to train, advise and support industry stakeholders in pharmaceutical handling, to meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Said Mr Alex Hungate, SATS' President and Chief Executive Officer: "Through our close collaboration with IATA, SATS Coolport has achieved yet another milestone in the handling of temperature-sensitive, high-value pharmaceutical products. As a leader in gateway services, SATS is committed to the continual pursuit of excellence and innovation. We remain focused on extending our capabilities to provide a value-added, secure cold chain solution for our customers and partners across Asia.

"I congratulate SATS Coolport on being the first in the world to achieve the CEIV Pharma certification. This year, the global pharmaceutical industry will spend $8.36 billion on cold chain logistics, and is anticipated to expand to more than $10 billion by 2018. The certification is a testament that SATS Coolport is operating to the highest standards for the transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, giving pharmaceutical companies confidence that their products are being shipped in a manner that preserves the integrity of the medicines," said Mr Conrad Clifford, IATA's Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific.

Concurrently, 76 SATS staff from Coolport have received their IATA Pharmaceutical Handling Diploma today at a convocation ceremony. They are the first batch in the world to receive the IATA Pharmaceutical Handling Diploma. Having undergone a specialised training programme for pharmaceutical handling, these staff are better equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle pharmaceutical shipments at SATS Coolport.

Amongst them, 22 have been selected to attend the Train-the-Trainer course, which will enable them to train new staff at Coolport and other employees within the SATS Group.

"I congratulate SATS for the significant strides it has made in pharmaceutical handling for transportation by air - providing solutions that address the many complexities; obtaining IATA's CEIV Pharma; and having its staff at SATS Coolport attain the IATA Pharmaceutical Handling Diploma, many with distinction. All these attest to SATS' commitment to high standards in pharmaceutical handling, and will substantially contribute to enhancing Changi Airport's position as a trusted air hub for pharmaceuticals. CAAS looks forward to SATS further developing such cold chain capabilities in continued partnership with IATA and CAAS, and strengthening Singapore air hub's position globally," said Mr Yap Ong Heng, Director-General of Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Following the certification, SATS and IATA intend to further collaborate in the CEIV Pharma programme that includes leveraging SATS as a Regional Training Partner and its pool of pharmaceutical handling experts as Independent Validators.

SATS Coolport was certified the world's first Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Handling by IATA in February 2014.