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LONDON: April 14, 2016: Welcome to freighteurasia – editorial coverage of what the World Bank describes as “one of the most natural resource-rich regions of the world”.

The area - from south Russia through the Caucasus to Central Asia and Western China, and from India to the Gulf States and up to Turkey - has a long history of social and economic extremes that shows no sign of disappearing.

One positive star in this controversial firmament is Hanan Al Hroub who has won the US$1 million 2016 Global Teacher award for her work educating children in Palestine. Despite growing up in a Bethlehem refugee camp where violence was a way of life, she’s been successful in developing trusting, respectful, honest and affectionate relationships with her students. Her book is called ‘We play and learn’.

Well, some people do.

- Simon Keeble is editorial director of freighteurasia

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